Below are links  with info on earning certifications:

Why get certification?

  • PMP® certification is ranked #2 in Top Highest Paying Certification in 2021 (by Raktim Sharma, December 2020).
  • PMP® certification holders earn 22 percent more than their non-certified peers. (Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey—Eleventh Edition (2020).
  • Note: If you don’t have enough experience, the CAPM can be a good stepping stone, but the PMP is much more valuable.

Sample PMP Exam Questions (Links checked July 2, 2021)

How to get 35 PM education hours

  • College courses, continuing education, PMP exam preparation, and similar courses related to project management definitely count. Remember there is no time limit on when the courses were taken.
  • A general course in leadership or management probably would not count. If there is a section of the course on project leadership or stakeholder management, for example, those hours should count.