Example Cases

General case studies:

  • ResNet case study – This case study was based on a real project done by Northwest Airlines, now part of Delta. It includes real examples of several project documents. It’s from my first book, Information Technology Project Management, published in 2000 by Thomson Learning, Cambridge, MA.
  • VAPR case study – This case study is documented in detail in the text Healthcare Project Management (first and second edition, published by Schwalbe Publishing). This file includes several examples of project documents like a charter, WBS, etc.
  • 2020: My current books include several case studies. For example, An Introduction to Project Management, Sixth Edition, includes Appendix C with three case studies: real project, new business venture, and fixer upper. I’m trying to add/create more teaching cases and activities, especially ones that include more agile and hybrid approach to project management. If you have suggestions, email me at schwalbe@augsburg.edu
  • PMI case study called Resolving Agency Issues in Client-Contractor Relationships-The Merck Innovation Center by Christine Unterhitzenberger (22 pages long). – webinar on the case available from projectmanager.com. The case study was the winner of the 2019 DSI PMI Instructional Case Writing Competition, and a recorded webinar by the author is available from projectmanagement.com.

Agile/Team building/Prototyping activities and cases:

Also look at the simulation software options.