I read a lot, and you should, too! People have asked me to provide more articles. I think a Google search (or Google scholar search), professional society publications (like PMI’s PM Network, which I do skim every month), and many other sources provide great articles. I read daily news and watch news videos, search for specific topics, and talk to people to stay up-to-date in the field of project management. When I write new editions of my books, I try to take nuggets from multiple sources and use them as examples to make project management more relevant to readers. I also appreciate getting suggestions from users of my books!

Below are a few links from a search I did today, September 24, 2019. I was surprised to find several sites that summarize the best/most popular PM articles! I am also listing PMI’s learning page link first. Read featured articles from PM Network, PMI Today, and PM Journal (under Publications) as well as several interesting reports (under Thought Leadership).

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