Agile info

Below is a link to a paper I wrote about agile:

Yes, it’s a bit old, but so are many agile concepts. This more recent McKinsey and Company article and its links provide good info on agile organizations. Below are several other sites with lots of info.

  • Agile Alliance is one of the best sites to explore and  learn more
  • The Scrum Institute proves examples and templates
  • Scrum in 10 Minutes (8 minutes 52 seconds)
  • Intro to Kanban in Under 5 Minutes (4 minutes 9 seconds)
  • Disciplined Agile site includes lots of good info. Note that PMI bought Disciplined Agile in 2019. You can down the book “Choose Your Wow” (Wow stands for Way of Working) by Scott W. Ambler and Mark Lines from for free if you are PMI member. It’s 441 pages long.
  • PMI ACP Exam Guidance from PMI
  • has a lot of links to free resources. Joe Justice is a great speaker and someone to watch, especially in applying scrum to hardware
  • eduscrum is a movement to improve education by helping students learn better and faster with scrum